Our Story

ThinkPen has come into existence in the year 2017 as a social media agency which flourished and found the ground for its expansion in the digital space. ThinkPen is founded with a motive to bring the transparency in the marketing segment with its practices and gracefully we are moving ahead with our core motives successfully. 
ThinkPen has been delivering the marvelous experience to its clientele ever since it is started. We love to embrace new challenges while paving our ways to the success. 
Understanding the ever-evolving nature of the marketing trends, we have adapted new methodologies to help the businesses in acing the market. All of this took time and perseverance and brought us where we are today.
In a nutshell, ThinkPen is an eternally learning and growing digital, design and development agency which thrives to create an unique digital experiences for the brand who are ready to make an impact in the market through multi-channel communication. We learn, earn and grow together. 

Why ThinkPen?

At ThinkPen, our mission is to help brands and businesses win in the new world. We are here to serve your purpose with our integrated marketing services which help you to conquer the world digitally.


ThinkPen is a thought-driven company which is known for offering the most creative solutions to the modern business challenges. We innovate with every challenge we come across by instigating our young minds.


Strategy itself never wins the battle, thus we put efforts in  devising the strategy in the phased manner. Our process is all about taking one step at a time & conquering the fort.


Our approach of integration is all what this new world marketing needs. We empower the businesses with our digital integrated marketing techniques.

Our Process

Straight From The Lab of ThinkPen

Here we tend to collect the information from the client about their vision or motivation behind the project while simultaneously analyzing the scope of the project. This phase involves the detailed meetings where we try to understand the clients and their business and the way they want to run their business.

After aggregating the data, we churn that data into a road-map which we follow to execute the project. Understanding the pros and cons of the project and its compatibility with the market. Our business analysts brainstorm about the different aspects of marketing & development with the respective teams. 

This phase is the most crucial part of our process where we thrive to create the most adaptive and functional strategy that lays the foundation of the entire campaigns. Our team of experts does the needful in the process of strategy making from in-house team management to scope of market etc., we cover it all with efficiency.

Merely strategy is not sufficient to get the campaign going and getting the desired results. Thus we put the most of our efforts while executing the road-map we have chalked out in the whole course of campaign designing and management. Execution is further bifurcated in different steps as necessary. We assign the tasks to different people & teams as per their expertise and requirements.

This is the phase where we analyze our entire campaign/project development and churn out the keynotes into the best possible ways to harness the challenges and their findings in the next round of campaigns and processes..

Our Journey

Little steps that brought us here over these years


Social Media Agency

Social Media Agency

Started as a social media agency having the least yet sufficient resources with 4 people who thrive to build something big.

Marketing & Advertising

Advertisement & Marketing

Slow & Steady wins the race has brought us to become a full service agency and we turned out to be the ThinkPen. We gradually become a small family of 20 people.



Overseas Expansion


While working with the buzzing brands, we harness the opportunity to expand our base across the boundaries. Thus, we added another chapter in our evolution of being a leading marketing & advertising agency by incorporating in Delta, Canada.

Adding Challenges


While working with brands, we also come across the political figures and thus we decided to embrace a new challenge in 2020 amid the global pandemic.



A Lot More To Come


We are hoping to serve you in the coming year with more fluidity and elegance. ThinkPen always thrive to deliver more from the less.

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Our Team

Brains Behind The ThinkPen

Sparsh Kabra
Founder & CEO

Visionary behind the ThinkPen. He's an aesthetic approach towards marketing which reflects in our work.

Kiran Bhatt
Global Business Head

A girl with the mettle. Her unconditional support & will power to lead in the challenges amazing.

Technical Head

Man with the few words and a lot of logic. His exceptional coding and computational skills have done wonders.


Contact Us

We'd love to listen an idea from a human being!


C-2/875, Street No. 18
Harsh Vihar,


Email: sales@thethinkpen.com
India +91-9205023308
Canada +1 (778) 939-9685


Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.

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